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MiMaRoPa Intranet
Posted Last:  Jan 01, 70  Author:  IT Section
MiMaRoPa Intranet is now fully functional you can now download your Order through Intranet. For your userguide you can download it here
Posted Last:  Jan 01, 70  Author:  PPME Cluster
MiMaRoPa Hub is now functional; for viewing of refference file please visit us at
Online Personnel Information System
Posted Last:  Jan 01, 70  Author:  ICT Section
The Online Personnel Information System (OPIS) is now available. Initial data of permanent personnel has been encoded. All permanent employees can now update their personnel profile, especially their Trainings and Seminars attended, and can generate their own Personal Data Sheet (PDS). Login using your Employee ID Number as your username and password.

Health Events

Family Planning Month
Lung Cancer Awareness Month
Sight-Saving Month
National Lung Month
National Tuberculosis Month
World Breastfeeding WeekAugust 1 - 7
Mother-Baby Friendly Hosptial Initiative WeekAugust 1 - 7
National Hospital WeekAugust 6 - 12
Asthma WeekAugust 10 - 14
Philippine National Research System WeekAugust 11 - 17
National Tuberculosis dayAugust 19
Brain Attack Awareness Week3rd week of the Month
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Director's Corner

We welcome our new Regional Director!
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Regional Director
Tel No:913-4650
Fax No:912-7754
Health Emergency Medical Services
Tel No:911-5038
Fax No:913-2003
Regional Epidemiological Surveillance Unit
Telefax No:911-5025

Health Ads and Promotions

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Health Statistics

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